Jeremy White, 2nd March 2019

On first meeting Jeremy the first distinct characteristic that stood out to me was his gentle voice. Within moments of taking with him, he made me feel perfectly at ease. After some years of trouble, Jeremy used the remains of his money to invest in building four large greenhouses in his back field. The act of nurturing and growing succulents had been a hobby since his early years. This accompanied with his education in biology, his devotion and love of his now profession, he was able to bring about something special. 

Jeremy has been a Nudist since the age of 15. We engaged in many conversations about society’s unhealthy attitude to people’s bodies, especially the impact this has on younger generations. We both agreed on how greatly it would benefit individuals and society as a whole if people were to learn from a young age to be comfortable and happy with their figures. 

“When I was younger you were told by society to cut your hair like this and wear suits like that, this was not for me. When I was 15 and working on a farm, I decided I did not want to wear clothes anymore. The freedom it brings is something almost indescribable to those who have not experienced it. “

Student Accommodation at 11:32, February 2019

Taking my time, I used light to sculpt and highlight significant pieces. These images were taken in Arthur’s small student room near UCL and Warren Street station. We pulled his desk next to a small section of the room and taped a  dark grey microfiber cloth to the wall (still damp as arthur had forgotten his towels at home and this was his last drying resort). Arthur sat on the ground with his hands stretched to the ceiling, fidgeting and being stubborn to adopt any positions I asked him to mimic. The watch,in one of these images is a Girard Perregaux. It belonged to his great grandfather, and was given to him as a graduation present. The watch rarely leaves Arthur’s wrist. The atmosphere was very peaceful; we carried on shooting past midnight.

American Ballet Theatre Work Experience, July 2018

In July 2018, I assisted with Patrick Fraser and the American ballet theatre on their season campaign. The shoot was set on the rooftops of New York, a high-pressure environment. The changing light conditions and midday heat meant that the shoot was also time constrained.

Between changeovers, the opportunity arose to engage with the dancers and crew. Calivin’s presence brought a sense of calm and focus, emphasized by the busy, chaotic environment. I believe I captured his demeanour perfectly. As the spinning fan beside him appeared frozen, his presence also seemed to slow down time.


I only fully appreciated the distinct structure of the two images below upon revisiting them. After post, the images became some of my favourite pieces. I wanted to capture the shadows, but knew colour would detract from this; editing allowed me to reveal what I initially intended to capture. The simple tone these images convey is accompanied by a relatable subtext. While the dancers are being projected onto a canvas, the depiction of them is a mere outline; not revealing human detail allows us to see a person in their simplest form.

These images serve as a personal reminder that expression through one’s work does not have to be complex to be impactful.

Archie Oliver, West wittering beach, April 2018

While exploring Bill Brandt’s work, his use of boldly contrasted light and dark stood out to me. He uses it to highlight the fundamental elements of more complex subjects, while still managing to perfectly balance the elements of light and dark. This technique is something I have always subconsciously found aesthetic within my own work, however, exploring Brandt’s work made me more aware of its impacts. After researching further into Brandt’s work, I began to plan this shoot with what I had learnt in mind.

This shoot took place at West Wittering beach, beside the surf hire hut. As the shoot progressed, I began to notices figures in the distance, their silhouettes more prominent due to the backlit haze. These figures helped me to create a great sense of depth within the images, which was further emphasised by the empty midground. Leaning upon an old sand barrier, my subject, Archie, appears to become a part of it.

Archie and I drove down in the morning, we bought sandwiches and cloudy lemonade from the small café beside the beach. One or two other cars were parked by the time we got there, dog walkers or locals out for their morning run. The air was bitter but still, apart from the short bursts of cold sea breeze.